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10 Things To Know About Andre Bouchard

Posted on: 22 Jul 2020

Who is Chancellor Andre Bouchard? Andre Bouchard is a public figure and career politician from the elite of Delaware. After working as an attorney for many years, Bouchard joined the Court of Chancery and has been at the heart of a few Delaware business scandals. He is now Chancellor Andre Bouchard of the Delaware Chancery…

Delaware Business: The State’s Vast Corporation Registry

Posted on: 15 Jul 2020

Delaware has a long history of housing corporations from all over the world. The state’s incorporation process, coupled with some distinct business advantages, makes it a haven for corporate entities. Citizens for a Pro Business Delaware seeks to inform the public of both the benefits of incorporating a business in Delaware, and its potential for…

TransPerfect Lands Victory In Court Battle Against Skadden Arps Over Fee Transparency

Posted on: 13 Jul 2020

In 2019, Chancellor Andre Bouchard of the Delaware Chancery Court said he was “sympathetic to some of the concerns [TransPerfect] has raised,” subsequently ordering Custodian Robert Pincus and Skadden Arps to provide itemized billing details in support of the many non-itemized fees charged back to Phil Shawe and TransPerfect. At the time of the ruling,…

COVID-19 Testing: Why The Private Sector Can Do a Better Job Than Government

Posted on: 09 Jul 2020

There’s no question that combating COVID-19 is an extremely difficult task from all angles. The Virus is an invisible threat with no clear guidelines on how to be dealt with; but that does not mean we have to make a complicated situation more difficult. Based on the government’s response, testing demand, and projected timelines, we…

Top 10 Corruption Scandals in the United States

Posted on: 07 Jul 2020

Corruption occurs when a person in a position of power attempts to give themselves an advantage by leveraging their position. A conflict of interest occurs when a person stands to personally benefit from their public role. Both corruption and conflicts of interest have a deep impact on public welfare. Corruption on the part of large…