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Don’t Think Judicial Corruption in Delaware Doesn’t Affect You Personally, It Does!

OPINION Dear friends, Folks, 3-years after the forced sale of TransPerfect in Delaware’s Chancery Court — executed by Chancellor Andre Bouchard, with Leo Stine backing him in the Delaware Supreme Court — somehow Skadden Arps, where Strine and Bouchard both worked, is continuing to collect money. Over $15 million collected from TransPerfect to date, and…

Ex-Delaware Judge Strine Accused of Racism Purports to Be Expert on Systematic Racism?! Outrageous! 

 Seems Strine is becoming an expert on so many things since leaving his perch on the Delaware Supreme Court with half of his term still left to be served. I can see that he might be an expert in some things in this life, but racism isn’t one of them considering he was rebuked by the Delaware Supreme Court for making racist comments?! Why would anyone listen to Strine on racial equality?