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Tariffs, seizures expose the import vulnerability of US solar industry

The US solar industry growth gets fuel from cheap imports. Now the surging trade and transport issues are exposing that the dependence on a vulnerability is slowing shipments. It is further putting the big projects at risk. Tighter availability of the forge panels could affect the blooming industry and can set back the efforts of…

WPP charged with $19m fine over bribery and accounting claims

The government body SEC has charged WPP as it has failed to control corruption and to ensure that its subsidiaries are meeting accounting standards. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has fined WPP more than $19m over the charges of multiple allegations of bribery. It has been further saying that WPP has failed to meet…

The Female Immigrant Taking on Tech Banking, AI, and More:

Being a woman in the tech world has thrown some curveballs Gabrielle Zhang’s way. Sometimes she has to prove she understands the technical details of the start-ups she is advising. This isn’t an issue, though, as she has published multiple technical papers. Gabrielle has also faced issues in the tech world of people making certain assumptions about her because she is a woman.