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OPINION: Government Regulations are Necessary for a Healthy Economy

Are Government Regulations Really Good for the Economy? Government involvement in the US economy has grown enormously in recent years, prompting mixed reactions from individuals and businesses. Proponents claim regulations are necessary to mitigate the risks of unregulated business, including labor abuse and environmental damage. While some interventions aim to streamline the private sector by…

We Are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For

There’s an entitlement issue at play when we expect the pillars to remain in place, even if we ourselves aren’t doing much to ensure the foundations remain solid. We can be entirely well-intentioned, yet coast along with little self-reflection as to whether we are doing our part to ensure our world is the way we want it to be.

Kuran Malhotra On the Challenge of Financial Literacy for Immigrant Owned Businesses

Kuran Malhotra believes in the American Dream. He believes people of all creeds, ethnicities, and backgrounds should have access to the tools and networks required to run a small business in American. He helps immigrant-owned businesses navigate the American market. “Small Businesses are often described as the backbone of the United States.”, Kuran Malhotra states…