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The Female Immigrant Taking on Tech Banking, AI, and More:

Being a woman in the tech world has thrown some curveballs Gabrielle Zhang’s way. Sometimes she has to prove she understands the technical details of the start-ups she is advising. This isn’t an issue, though, as she has published multiple technical papers. Gabrielle has also faced issues in the tech world of people making certain assumptions about her because she is a woman.

Delaware Judicial “Rat” Retaliates, Then Finally Retires – Goodbye Bouchard

You Will Be Missed By No One Except Your Cronies, Who You Made Rich Stealing From TransPerfect Workers What this judge has done makes me sick folks. A real travesty for America’s First State and for our once prestigious Chancery Court. The last time a robed man abused his position this bad, the Boston Globe…

Fear For America, Fear for the Future

Biden’s order to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, eliminating thousands of jobs is so crazy it is mind boggling! The frightening agenda of instilling the Green New Deal on America is beyond reason as it will not work and will thrust us into the worst depression we have ever experienced