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Delaware Judicial “Rat” Retaliates, Then Finally Retires – Goodbye Bouchard

You Will Be Missed By No One Except Your Cronies, Who You Made Rich Stealing From TransPerfect Workers What this judge has done makes me sick folks. A real travesty for America’s First State and for our once prestigious Chancery Court. The last time a robed man abused his position this bad, the Boston Globe…

Delaware Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard Going-Away Party, Friday, April 30 at 5pm EST!

Join the virtual party with me and celebrate a new beginning as the jaded is going out, and the refreshing is coming in with hope and equity for a better Chancery Court!
Join me and Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware, Reverend Al Sharpton, Pastor Blaine Hackett, and other special guests on Friday, April 30th for a virtual party to celebrate the early retirement of Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard.

Hypocrisy Alert as Delaware Attorney General & Andre Bouchard Lawyer Ironically Says Violations of Public Trust Won’t be Tolerated

OPINION Dear Friends, An interesting story came across my desk, folks. The Associated Press article below by reporter Randall Chase, who I know, has a quote from Delaware Attorney General Kathleen Jennings, referring to the public trust apparently being violated by some high-level Delaware officials, who she recently indicted. As I understand it, Jennings also…