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Is Your Delaware News Being Censored by the Good Old Boys Club?

OPINION Dear Friends, There’s a total blackout happening in our local news media, folks. I’ve been one of the only ones covering the TransPerfect case and Chancery Court Chancellor Bouchard and McCormick corruption and now I’m the only one covering this Hunter Biden story where he indicates he has the Chancery Court in his hip…

Delaware Chancellor McCormick Has Audacity to Call Chancellor Bouchard “Merciful” in Decision

In taking a position that reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie Gladiator, Kathaleen McCormick dubs Chancellor Bouchard, “Bouchard the Merciful.” As I see it folks, this is yet another batshit-crazy decision from the Chancery, that ignores both the Fact and the Law. By the logic in this decision, a court-appointed Custodian could steal millions and never face a jury trial.