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Carney & Bouchard Team Up to Pardon a White Supremacist Who is Later Arrested for Plotting to Kidnap Michigan Governor

Delaware needs to oust Governor Carney on November 3, for Republican candidate Julianne Murray—and regardless of who wins the governor’s race—the most important thing we can do for our economy and for Delaware’s future is to oust the most corrupt Chancellor in our state’s history: Andy Bouchard. Please send me your feedback folks and make your voice heard—today and in November. 

Impeach Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard

Should Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard be impeached?   Chief Chancellor Andre G. Bouchard and his court appointed custodian of TransPerfect Global, Inc, Robert Pincus are being sued in the United States Southern District Court of New York by a high level executive, Timothy Holland, who claims Bouchard and Pincus have violated his constitutional rights-specifically his 1stand 4th amendment rights….

Fairness delayed, but justice will prevail (for TransPerfect, and for Delaware)!

I Won’t Stop Telling the Story of this Travesty   Dear Friends, The TransPerfect Global case going on in Delaware’s Court of Chancery has become a huge controversy, and it is not going to go away. Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard, has in the wake of innumerable appearances of impropriety, made an arbitrary and capricious decision– forcing…

Lionbridge and SDL Trying Capitalize on TransPerfect Shareholder Dispute

A court drama being played out may result in TransPerfect’s two chief competitors in the translations services industry seeing increased revenue.   Lionbridge Technologies (LIOX), based in Waltham, Mass., is the largest translation services company in the U.S., with revenue of $560 million last year. TransPerfect is the second largest in the U.S., with revenue last year of $505 million….

Shocking Legal Analysis of the TransPerfect Case

  A CONCERNED DELAWARE ATTORNEY Dear Friends, I received this amazing e-mail below from a prominent Delaware attorney who has chosen to be a “whistle blower” of sorts in regard to Delaware’s Chief Chancellor, Andre Bouchard, specifically as to the inequities of the TransPerfect case of which I have been recently writing about. At the…