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Delaware’s Gov John Carney Continues Authoritarian Stance!

Considering the authoritarian, unconstitutional mandates coming out of the White House, Delaware’s future worries me. Carney has been an authoritarian despot, who through his severe lockdowns, sent many Delaware businesses and individuals into financial ruin and emotional despair.

Delaware Fails State Integrity Investigation

On a state integrity investigation conducted in 2015 in partnership with Global Integrity, Delaware received a failing score. Global Integrity Global Integrity is a worldwide organization that researches and provides data on government corruption and use of public resources, then uses their evidence to shape policy and practice, while remaining committed to open governance. In…

Corruption in the Delaware Medical Examiner’s Office

In 2014, the carefully-crafted house of cards built by Richard T. Callery, M.D. came tumbling down when a police officer discovered while on the witness stand that the drug evidence in his case had been tampered with. Dr. Callery had been the Chief Medical Examiner (CME) and head of the Office of the Chief Medical…

Skadden Accused of Concealing “Its Conflicting Relationships” in Law360 Story By Jeff Montgomery

Skadden’s retention should be denied and that it should be required to return fees already paid based on its failure to fully disclose its prepetition relationships in declarations filed with the court. Also targeted are alleged efforts to avoid a subpoena from the Acthar plaintiffs’ group seeking details on what was described as Skadden’s “dual representation” of Mallinckrodt and Express Scripts.