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Former Husband of Jill Biden Claims the Biden Story is a Fraud-Says he Wrote a Book

Dear Friends, I write about many things, especially about political issues. I am a serious communicator with a viable network of readers and I have a Website called the I also happen to be from Delaware. In August, I had a few conversations with Bill Stevenson, who was once married to Jill Biden from…

Carney & Bouchard Team Up to Pardon a White Supremacist Who is Later Arrested for Plotting to Kidnap Michigan Governor

Delaware needs to oust Governor Carney on November 3, for Republican candidate Julianne Murray—and regardless of who wins the governor’s race—the most important thing we can do for our economy and for Delaware’s future is to oust the most corrupt Chancellor in our state’s history: Andy Bouchard. Please send me your feedback folks and make your voice heard—today and in November. 

Judson Bennett: My View on the Vice Presidential Debate

Dear friends, The Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris turned out exactly as I expected. VP Pence was serious, focused, and well-prepared. He made his points with accuracy and determination. No doubt he won the debate. Kamala Harris on the other hand won the most obnoxious award. The whole…