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Bio: Eric is a business reporter from New York who has covered national affairs and corporate philanthropy for major publications. Currently, he freelances and writes speeches for corporate executives.

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When the Rule of Law Becomes the Rule of One

Posted on: 09 Nov 2021

Unfortunately for Judge Garaufis, this track record shows the degree to which his decisions can be fueled by emotion and simultaneously demonstrates a potential vendetta or outside motive to inhibit justice in some cases, such as that with Ms. Bronfman

The Man Behind the Friars Club: Executive Director, Michael Gyure

Posted on: 12 Nov 2019

The Friars Club in New York City has long been coveted as the place to be when it comes to American comedy. The famous venue has been the scene of some of the most memorable moments in comedy history and is primarily known for its celebrity roasts; some even say the Club was the originator…