Foxy Jazzabelle

Being nerdy her entire life, be it comic books, movies, fiction, video games, it didn’t matter! If she liked it, she was reading it, watching it, and drawing it. With the explosion of social media, like many, she migrated to Twitter because of the ease of sharing and gathering information, self-expression, and establishing communities with like-minded folks. She is an Afrofeminist Auntie & OG FGC Extranerdinaire who streams a variety of games and live-watches stuff while giving commentary on pop culture, nerd sh**, politics, and more.

Michael Evans

Michael Evans is a professor of applied sciences who has worked in academia and industry. He is the author of numerous articles on AI, VR and the applications to the future business climate.

Naomi Aeon

I’m a student as much as a teacher. I’m a “way-shower” who simply wants to show you how to find your own way. To show you how to follow your own inner compass. I’m a loving finger pointing you down a path you may wish to explore.

Sara Edwards

Sara Edwards earned her BA degree in political science from Duke University, graduating in 2010. She began her career as a legislative assistant, working closely with high-ranked political figures in her home state’s senate office. 5 years later, completely fed up with the blatant corruption and misconduct she witnessed going on behind closed doors, Sara returned to school and completed a second BA in Journalism from Northwestern University. Sara joined Coastal Network as a contributor in 2018 and reports on abuses of power and lawlessness in both the business and government sectors. Sara is an activist to her core, attending rallies and protests across the globe in the pursuit of justice and a better tomorrow for all.

Abigail Knowles

Abigail Knowles loves to tell stories. In this pursuit, Abigail joined the Coastal Network contributor team in August of 2019 with hopes of telling stories that expose corruption and facilitate change. Abigail uses a “boots on the ground” approach to her reporting and is certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty to make sure a story gets told factually, and in its entirety. Abigail is currently a Communications doctoral candidate at Columbia Journalism School.

Jacob Finlay

Jacob Finlay is a lawyer by day, truth seeker by night. As a Delaware attorney, Mr. Finlay has a front-row seat to the corruption and misdealings of what he likes to call “the old boys’ club.” When he’s not fighting for justice – both in the courtroom and through his written exposés – Jacob enjoys traveling with his wife and two daughters, competing in triathlons (placing in the top 2% at IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant), and any and all winter sports.