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The Delaware Judicial System Circles the Wagons and Protects its Own

Opinion Dear Friends, Outgoing Chancellor Andre Bouchard’s, in my view, corrupt “Good Ole Boys Club” circles the wagons, protecting him until his last day and breath on the bench. It’s truly sad for America’s First State, that this behavior is condoned, and the Delaware Supreme Court rubber-stamping in favor of their boy Bouchard has happened….

Skadden Arps – Suspected in Billing Irregularities – News Reaches Spain in TransPerfect Case

OPINION Dear Friends, The notorious Skadden Arps law firm, formerly involved in suspicious and illegal lobbying irregularities and fined by the U.S. Government, is now overshadowed by the accusations of unethical billing practices in little Delaware during and after the controversial TransPerfect case, and the news has reached a Spanish Newspaper! The article mistakenly refers to our Chancery…