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Andre Bouchard Should Give Access to His Protonmail Account, As White House adviser Peter Navarro is Being Ordered to

OPINION If former White House adviser Peter Navarro is ordered to relinquish presidential records from “at least one unofficial email account” (see MSN’s court story below) then Andre Bouchard, former Chancery Court Chancellor, should be forced to give access to his Protonmail account. Bouchard does not dispute conducting state business in the Delaware Chancery Court’s…

Twitter vs. Musk Case: My Vote for Delaware’s Filthiest Attorney, Kevin Shannon, is About to Get Even Richer

I view as Delaware’s filthiest attorney and his employer—Kevin Shannon and Potter Anderson—are about to cash in, in the Twitter vs. Elon Musk case. Shannon’s relationship with the Chancellor greased the TransPerfect case into a 7-year $250 million of orchestrated corruption in Delaware’s Court of Chancery. Twitter shareholders and employees have no idea what’s about to be unleashed in terms of fees.