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Yet again, just in case anyone thinks the damage Chancery Court, Chancellor Andre Bouchard has done to Delaware’s reputation is confined to just Delaware or just the United States of America, you’d be incorrect. Here is yet another article from a Spanish newspaper.

The article highlights and underscores exactly what I’ve said for months, if not years. There are many changes that need to be made to fix our Chancery Court. I hope we have the courage and conviction to take on the “good old boy’s club” who, in my view, could easily be profiting from corruption under the current system — of course those who might be profiting will resist change with every bit of wealth and power and close-door favors they can muster.

The Super Bowl for court and government transparency in Delaware is about to begin. The battle lines are drawn and it’s almost kick-off time for the Citizens vs. Bouchard and his cronies. The Coastal Network promises to give my readers a front row seat on the 50-yard line.

Please stay tuned and keep your feedback coming, it is always welcome.

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TransPerfect employees lead the fight against system bias

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware was born as a result of the multinational’s case to defend workers’ interests against the possible sale of the company to vulture funds

30.07.2019 12:39 h

When many believed that the TransPerfect case was over, it seems that the struggle of the workers and former workers of the translation multinational has only just begun. Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware citizen platform has presented in Wilmington a proposal for legal reforms that aim to restore the prestige and neutrality of the Delaware judicial system. These were questioned following some controversial decisions by Delaware Supreme Court judge Andre Bouchard .

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware was born as a result of the TransPerfect case to defend the interests of workers against the possible sale of the company to vulture funds . It is currently made up of employees and former employees of the company, Delaware residents and people from the state’s business sector. All of them total more than 2,700 people. Once the shareholder conflict is resolved, the platform has now expanded its struggle and, beyond focusing on the TransPerfect case, wants to restore the neutrality and good practices of the Delaware judicial system. The organization is chaired by Miranda Wessinger, former director of global events at TransPerfect in Atlanta.

The TransPerfect case

The TransPerfect litigation that endangered more than 5,000 jobs worldwide, 500 of them in Barcelona, ended when Phil Shawe, current CEO and founder of the company, bought 50% of the shareholding . Until then it was in the hands of his ex-wife Elisabeth Elting . Shawe stayed that way with the entire company and regained its business strategy . However, the judicial process in which the company was involved called into question the reputation of the State of Delaware, where TransPerfect had the administrative headquarters before transferring it to Nevada for its disagreement with the state judicial system.

During the judicial conflict, the State of Delaware led by Bouchard made decisions that cast doubt on its impartiality and hinted that several law firms could have made a profit with the consent of Judge Bouchard. This same judge made the decision to hide from the public the judicial file of the case once it had been concluded, thus incurring in an absolutely unusual decision and that left the judicial law according to several experts. Today, the file remains inaccessible to the public, something that has fueled suspicions about the judicial management of the case .

Loss of neutrality

In this context of disappointment and frustration on the part of the citizens of Delaware, the US Chamber of Commerce published a ranking of neutrality of the judicial systems of the country where Delaware dropped from first position to eleventh, leaving in evidence the latest decisions taken by the state.
Despite adverse circumstances, Phil Shawe’s company continues to grow exponentially and the first three months of 2019 recorded revenues of more than 140 million euros, which implies an increase of more than 8% over the same period from the previous year.