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Delaware Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick Maintains Status Quo

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Conflicts of interest, having worked for TransPerfect’s number one competitor, require a recusal, and on top of that, McCormick has maintained the apparent and wrongful fleecing of the TransPerfect funds. The big question is why?

In my view, the “Delaware Way”, the Good Old Boys winking and nodding, and their incestuous cronyism has Chancery Court operators getting special consideration. It appears McCormick would prefer to maintain an elite, omnipotent situation that has infested the Delaware legal system for years, instead of bringing a fresh perspective of clear fairness and equity.

Is Your Delaware News Being Censored by the Good Old Boys Club?

OPINION Dear Friends, There’s a total blackout happening in our local news media, folks. I’ve been one of the only ones covering the TransPerfect case and Chancery Court Chancellor Bouchard and McCormick corruption and now I’m the only one covering this Hunter Biden story where he indicates he has the Chancery Court in his hip…

Are Delaware’s Chancellors Providing Equity and Fairness, or is Our Court of Chancery Steeped in Conflict, Improprieties, and Corruption?

Dear Friends,   Folks, I’ve been writing recently about the appearance of impropriety in the role of the Chancery Court Chancellor. Some of you wrote asking, does this really matter, Judson? Let me explain why it matters to you, me and America’s First State.   There are conflicts with Kathaleen McCormick and the TransPerfect case—perhaps…

Snooze Fest Hearing As Delaware’s Good Ole Boys Make Nonsense Arguments

McCormick’s Faced With Decision Of How Much She May Skirt The Law To Protect Chancery Elites Dear Friends, The TransPerfect hearing on Monday was a Snooze Fest that featured a ridiculous argument by Supreme Chief Justice C.J. Seitz’s former firm, Ross Aronstam. As a reminder, it was Seitz who saw fit to join Leo Strine…