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Twitter Employees About to Get Fleeced by McCormick’s Chancery Court

I cringed for both Twitter and Musk when I saw the CNN story, posted below, saying that Musk’s association with Twitter hurts the company. My take is what everyone including CNN is missing: Just wait until the uncertainty of dealing with Chancery Court corruption hits Twitter!

Delaware Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick Maintains Status Quo

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Conflicts of interest, having worked for TransPerfect’s number one competitor, require a recusal, and on top of that, McCormick has maintained the apparent and wrongful fleecing of the TransPerfect funds. The big question is why?

In my view, the “Delaware Way”, the Good Old Boys winking and nodding, and their incestuous cronyism has Chancery Court operators getting special consideration. It appears McCormick would prefer to maintain an elite, omnipotent situation that has infested the Delaware legal system for years, instead of bringing a fresh perspective of clear fairness and equity.