Dear Friends,

I struck a strong note with many of you in my piece on TransPerfect workers, sadly and unjustly, being railroaded for another $5 million by what I see as a fraudulent contempt motion in Chancery Court Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick’s corruption-filled Chancery Court.

“This ad really shows the arrogance of the Chancery Court and those in power there.
How this has been allowed to go unchecked is a crime!”
– Thomas S.

“Legacy, power and dominance is all these legal people are good at, Judson.
Thanks for calling them out on this.”
-Donald R.

“How Pincus got away with allegations of misconduct and overbilling is a sin.
Maybe it finally caught up with him?”
– Dimitre L.

“You can write every day about this corrupt court, Jud. It’s not going to change a damn thing.”
– Dave M.

“Clever headline.”
– Paul S.  

“Carney has to go. Delaware will get a better Governor in the next election.
Anyone would be an improvement.”
– Bill C.

Keep the feedback coming, folks.  Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network

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