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Resignation of Sussex County Republican Committee in Delaware – They Act Like Children

I believe I have the right to express an opinion, having faithfully operated in the past as the 37th Republican District leader, Sussex Campaign Chairman for several campaigns, a substantial and consistent financial contributor, a convention delegate, and a candidate myself. I served faith…

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Delaware Court of Chancery

DraftKings and Twitter Join TransPerfect in Leaving Delaware Based on Perceived Chancery Court Corruption

The Chancery court is a vestige of the patronage court system that ran rampant in an earlier era — a 19th century institution in a 21st century world. Insiders trade on law firm connections and personal pedigree to land appointments to the court. Given this sweetheart arrangement for Del…




TransPerfect Case Reaches Supreme Court – WMDT 47 ABC
TransPerfect Case Reaches Supreme Court – WMDT 47 ABC

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