Dear Friends,

The Biden administration, besides being criminally incompetent in every facet of government, creating unprecedented inflation, opening our southern border to millions of illegals, creating a drug situation that is killing our people, devastating our economy, destroying female sports, and pushing a communist based, woke culture in our schools, has now put our national security at complete risk by allowing China to spy on us, with a potentially weaponized balloon, that was allowed to traverse the entire U.S. continent, gleaning ultra-sensitive information about our military bases and our nuclear capacities, carefully mapping our facilities for a potential, future attack on our homeland??

The rub here is that this balloon was clearly noticed as it approached Alaska and should have been shot down immediately. Instead, it was allowed to continue on its spying mission throughout our entire country, after which it was shot down over the South Carolina Coast with the payload scattered on the ocean floor. Good luck on proper retrieval with the strong tides and currents and contamination from salt water. In my view the whole deal is the result of pure stupidity.

Since then, 4 more flying objects (balloons we assume) have been shot down because the American people have been totally alarmed and it is all the press is talking about. Unfortunately, Biden won’t discuss it with the American people and let us know what the hell is going on. Rumors are running rampant as a result of Biden’s total incompetence and possible collusion with the Chinese government?

Imagine if the original balloon could have delivered conventional or nuclear devices, which hit our military bases and nuclear launch pads, leaving us defenseless to respond to a nuclear attack? That possibility should show the American people just how compromised President Joe Biden truly is?

I say it with unequivocal conviction, President Joe Biden, in my opinion, is criminally negligent in every way possible and we are not safe as long as he is President.

What do you think?

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network