Are you a terrific writer looking for a platform? We’d love to publish your guest post. Coastal Network is a News and Resource destination that can help your writing gain exposure and introduce your brand to our growing community. Please review the writing guidelines and below. Coastal Network strives to be a dynamic news network that provides accurate, timely, and informational articles to its users and those searching for a reputable news network. To accomplish this mission, Coastal Network is seeking enthusiastic writers to contribute to our goal of providing up-to-date, reputable news. To expedite this process, please consult the list below of our writing guidelines.

Writing Guidelines

Article Length

Article submissions should be no less than 600 and generally no longer than 1,500 words

Article Topics

Articles topics should be news-related, including but not limited to politics, US events and news, business, and crime and justice.


There are no image submission requirements to post on Coastal Network. Coastal Network will provide relevant images for all articles.

Headings and Subheadings

When submitting your article, please make sure to designate your headings and subheading with the appropriate tags, i.e. <h1> <h2> <h3>.

Coastal Network Links

When submitting your article, please search the Coastal Network site for related articles. You can do this by searching a term on the Coastal Network site that corresponds to the topic of the article and then link to those Coastal Network articles within your article. Try to find topics that are more recent and are relevant to your article.

External Links

In order to maintain Coastal Network’s authority as a new source, one external link will be permitted per article. Please ensure you use the correct attribution, i.e.<a href= “ ”>. We will permit links to relevant and appropriate web pages.

Editing Your Article

While some of you have professional experience writing or third-party individuals assisting with edits, others may not have any experience or outside assistance. Coastal Network is looking for the highest quality in all article submissions. Please ensure your submissions do not have excessive spelling or grammar mistakes. If the writing submission is not up to Coastal Network standards, the article may be rejected.

Author Bio

Please include a complete author bio, no longer than 50 words, at the bottom of every article submission. This should include your name and information about your experience on the given topic.  

Article Layout

Please submit your article in the proper format, broken down into paragraphs and header sections. Articles should be submitted to the Content Management System for approval.  

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