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Biden the Worst Ever- Trump, DeSantis–Who will the GOP Choose for President?

OPINION Dear friends, In my educated view, the midterm elections coming in November are extremely important. If the Republicans do not take back the House and the Senate, I believe we as Americans are going to lose any chance of economic prosperity, lose our freedom of speech, lose our right to bear arms, lose our…

Delaware Chancery Court Math Just Doesn’t Add Up

Financial abuse. Financial crimes that I’ve written about by Delaware’s Chancery Court benefitting the seedy law firm Skadden Arps are typically quite complicated. In this case, it’s plain for all to see.


OPINION Dear Friends, I watched every minute of the ridiculous, illegal, and unconstitutional, recent, impeachment attempt of President Donald J. Trump. As predicted, it failed as it should have. I’ll say that the seven Republicans who voted for a conviction will eventually be removed from office. Three of them are up for re-election in 2024….

Impeachment of Trump–a Circus, a Sham, a Travesty

OPINION Dear Friends, There has not been much more disgusting and disconcerting TV visuals in my view, than the Portland, Oregon riots, the looting and burning in many major cities, clearly organized by BLM and Antifa, and now the recent assault on the Capitol Building by extreme right wing, where the sacred halls of our…