Dear Friends,

I have been squirming, sweating, fretting, and not understanding how someone as clearly corrupt, hypocritical, and dishonest as Joe Biden is, could possibly be leading President Donald Trump in the polls, but indeed he has been and rather substantially. When you combine the issue of Biden’s apparent shift to a Socialist/Communist platform, emulating Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez in their wacky ideas about climate change, with his lack of character, I have begun to question the veracity of the polls or the intelligence of many of the voters? Adding the issue of Biden’s apparent senility, where he often can’t utter two logical sentences together without getting confused, folks you have a candidate that should be unelectable!

Yet, despite the lack of logic in what is happening, Biden according to the polls would win the election if it was held today. For me as a devout Capitalist, Conservative, Patriot, and Constitutionalist, the thought of Biden as President, a socialist female VP, and a Democrat-controlled Congress is beyond terrifying. I am certain it would be the end of life as we know it in America.

Many of my intelligent, Conservative friends have constantly reassured me that there is a silent majority of voters out there who represent the real feelings of our citizens, and there is no way they will vote for possible Communism and a transformation of America, eliminating our freedoms, while destroying any hope of future prosperity. The folks saw what a prosperous economy President Trump provided for us before the Chinese Virus decimated our lives. Combining that with the horrendous looting and rioting by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, many businesses have been terribly devastated and may never recover. Bottom line, people want law and order and want to feel safe. Biden and the Democrats offer chaos and anarchy! Biden should not logically win this election.

Interestingly, the Fox News Poll has moved Trump to within 8 points of Biden. There is a stirring in the political wind and finally, I am seeing movement in the right direction. Our friends the British, great oddsmakers, actually have Trump moving ahead of Biden with 13 to 8 odds and Biden with 4 to 7 odds of prevailing.

Do I feel confident that Trump will prevail? Absolutely not, because of what I have witnessed in the past 4 months, along with the blatant lies from the media and the Democrat leadership for the past 3 years. Regardless, the polls are beginning to show definite movement towards Trump and they logically should. Let us hope!

Please check out the website below and see some of the odds of individuals obtaining the Presidency in November.

Best regards and Go, Trump!

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