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Delaware: An American Tax Haven

In 2016, an anonymous source working at Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm, leaked a huge database of records exposing companies using the country as a tax shelter. Many powerful international figures were implicated, including the prime ministers of Georgia, Iceland, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Sudan. But there was a notable lack of Americans on the list. That’s because Americans…

Skadden Arps Bills $200,000 for Creating a Bill!

Skadden is a firm that would bill $200,000 for creating the bill. Imagine how much padding must REALLY be going on in these bills! I was struck by the audacity of Skadden Arps. To feel justified in billing TransPerfect for the time it took to prepare an invoice or feel justified in billing for time involved in defending against lawsuits involving Robert Pincus by TransPerfect.