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Skadden Arps’ Jennifer Voss Get Schooled by Alan Dershowitz, Who Energizes Chancery Court Hearing

I have never seen billing like this in my life, in my experience and in everything I have ever read,” Dershowitz said. “I can tell you anybody, any lawyer, no matter how wealthy or how rich, if they are given what Mr. Pincus was given, a carte blanche, an empty checkbook, allowing him to charge $20,000 for an email, there will be no problem getting people to serve in that capacity. The issue is not whether you get people to serve in that capacity; they will be standing in line to fill in the blank checks. What we have to do is finally put an end to this.

STOP THE PRESSES: Showtime’s Hit “Billions” Features an Episode on Bouchard-Era Corruption in Delaware’s Chancery Court

OPINION Dear Friends, Between the recent Politico article calling out Delaware’s Chancery Court corruption and now, the hit show Billions obviously being influenced by my years of investigative journalism into Bouchard-Era Corruption, my detractors can kiss my grits! In this article, Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson says the caddie is lying, and he didn’t golf…

Feedback From The Ultimate Vindication as Mainstream Press Calls out Chancery Court Corruption

OPINION Read the original post, Ultimate Vindication As Mainstream Press Calls out Chancery Court Corruption Dear friends, I received substantial feedback from the article in which yours truly was interviewed by National White House Correspondent, Chris Cadelago from Politico magazine on the TransPerfect case. The piece not only confirms my suspicions about EX-Chancellor Bouchard and…