For the those of you who haven’t watched “Game of Thrones” on television and aren’t eagerly awaiting the final season in April on HBO, perhaps I can explain this analogy. King Joffrey is a fictional character, who is the product of incest. He is corrupt to the core, and willing to do anything to vanquish his enemies. His ascent to the throne was illegitimate. He tortures innocent people for his own amusement. He is a pathological liar and abuses his power in unspeakable ways to better his own position and his allies. He is all powerful; everyone fears him, so they tell him what he wants to hear (versus the truth), and all the kingdom’s subjects truly know he’s not the man for the job, but are powerless to drive change.

Other than being a product of incest, which I can’t opine on, in my opinion, Chancellor Bouchard is the spitting image of King Joffrey. I’m glad TransPerfect Global and its CEO Philip Shawe were willing to demand trial by combat, a Game of Thrones reference, and win a victory not only over Bouchard, but the cadre of, in my personal view, the many suspicious sycophants, he surrounds himself with such as (Bob Pincus, his former partner at Skadden Arps; Kevin Shannon, his BFF; and Leo Strine, his former Intern at Skadden Arps). Let’s hope Delaware is not powerless to stop this apparently sadistic man who, since he ran the Judicial Nominating committee, and used to employ Leo Strine, the Chief Justice, should in my opinion, have never been given this appointment.

Just to give you some background and an outrageous example, Bouchard wanted to give his friend Kevin Shannon and his client (former TransPerfect Global co-CEO Elizabeth Elting) an artificial leg up in the case. I have read over 5,000 pages of the transcripts in great detail. Take my word for it, it’s all lawyer lies and hyperbole — sad — and all designed to make this $650 million industry-leader look unusual — Why? I believe it was so Chancellor Bouchard could justify using TransPerfect’s company coffers as a conduit to enrich his pals beyond belief. When I think about the $250 MILLION (verified by Crain’s Business magazine) that Bouchard ordered private U.S. citizens to spend, just to seemingly benefit his cronies, it truly makes me nauseated. There was nothing wrong with this corporation, except for a 50% passive shareholder and scorned woman (Elting) who wanted out – and I think this Chancellor saw a huge opportunity knocking to use his position to feather all his friend’s nests and I am sure his own as well. What would a non-corrupt judge have done? Elting could have sold HER shares, even with a Custodian. But the rub is, half of a company (Elting’s share) wasn’t worth as much as 50% of the whole company — so seeking to enrich his pals, Bouchard embarked on a non-sensical judicial result: the most long, arduous, illogical, expensive, ripe for abuse, tortuous to 4,000 employees, a government run public auction from a successful private company — which is without precedent in America. To do this, Bouchard performed an illegal taking (contrary to the Takings Clause of the 5th Amendment) of Philip and Shirley Shawe’s stock (50% of TransPerfect) and put their private property up for sale, against their will, at the same time, to give Kevin Shannon’s clients a windfall. So, Bouchard then seemingly makes up an endless series of outrageous lies to justify what I believe is the biggest business theft in American history, courtesy of the Delaware Chancery Court and its cronies.

You might say, well Shawe bought it anyway at the public auction, so no harm no foul — Philip and Shirley Shawe got to keep their property. If you believe blackmail is a proper activity for Delaware judges to engage in, you would have a point. Bouchard pitted Shawe’s bidding against his largest competitor, HIG-Lionbridge, an off-shorer of U.S. jobs — so in effect, Bouchard extorted Philip Shawe into over-paying, as this was the only way Shawe could save 2,700 American jobs and keep his company.

Back to what I believe, based on the evidence, is that the Chancellor outrageously misrepresented the facts. Much to Bouchard’s disappointment, the law and the constitution prevents him from issuing a fine without a jury (thank God). So how does a potentially corrupt judge get around the law? As I see it it’s in how he lies in his opinions and tries to damage his enemies, and enrich his friends.

Bouchard wrote in his opinion that Shawe “did not deny” stalking Elting. Naturally, “stalking” is a criminal offense that would be picked up by the newspapers, and would hamper Shawe’s ability to get financing. This ridiculous lie was blown up by Chief Justice Strine during the appeal, who also falsely refers to it as an undisputed fact. I have talked with 100 employees and Shawe never stalked anyone, and Bouchard himself must now agree, since he eventually awarded Shawe the company. From what I’ve read, here is what I see as the EVIDENCE Bouchard relies on from the trial, and again Bouchard said publicly “Shawe did not deny” this, back in 2015 to set these wheels in motions… A HUGE NEFARIOUS FABRICATION !!!!

ELTING ATTORNEY: … Now, Mr. Shawe, you’re also fond of stalking Ms. Elting, aren’t you?

SHAWE: No, not in any way, shape, or form.

Bouchard should go to jail for the reputation damage of this outrageous lie alone. But the whole case is a grotesque misrepresentation which I believe was engineered by Bouchard for the benefit of his friends, and in my opinion, himself.

Here is what Bouchard himself wrote when Shawe requested an itemization of legal fees on November 10th, 2015:

“It is customary, after a sanction is imposed, to take evidence on the itemization of the amount.”

But I guess if you are the judge’s best friend, Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson, you get $1.4 million dollars of TransPerfect money and these rules don’t apply to you. Shannon did not have to justify or itemize anything! The Coastal Network will offer a reward to anyone who can find Shannon’s itemized bills on the $1.4 million Bouchard forced Shawe/TransPerfect to pay in the record. I cannot. And don’t get me started on Bob Pincus’s $25 million share of the $250 million in pirate’s booty. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

Lastly to close on the point of who is worse, Chancellor Bouchard or King Joffrey from Game of Thrones, it’s a close call. Bouchard tortured thousands of employees for 4 years — innocent hard working Americans who were forced to delay weddings, put off having children, put off sending kids to college — all because of Bouchard’s, in my opinion, illicit scheme. Further, Shawe’s lawyers during the legal battle, were forced to pussyfoot around the issue of the Chancellor’s possible improprieties. This is from an actual legal document:

Delaware is a small state with a small bar. The Plaintiff, however, resides in New York, which is a large state with a large bar, so he raises that the context of the relationship between the presiding judge in the Chancery Action and Shannon lends color to this appearance. Although the Court of Chancery’s decisions concerning the Defendants’ conduct at issue does not preclude this action or control concerning the validity of Plaintiff’s claims, Plaintiff provides a few anecdotal facts regarding the relationship of Shannon and Chancellor Bouchard. Shannon and Chancellor Bouchard, upon information and belief, have known each other since they represented aligned clients in In re Walt Disney Co. Derivative Litigation, 907 A.2d 693 (Del. Ch. 2005) approximately twenty years ago. Both served on the board of St. Francis Hospital. They have appeared as co-panelists at the annual Tulane Law School Corporate Law Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana (including while the Chancery Action was pending). Plaintiff understands (and has been assured by counsel) that these facts are not necessarily indicia of impropriety. The Court of Chancery’s failure to require Potter to submit itemized records like its co-counsel, coupled with Shannon’s relationship with the presiding judge, does however engender speculation, even if unwarranted.

This makes me sick, look at this weak presentation from the defense, even Shawe’s lawyers felt they had to walk on egg shells, when battling Bouchard’s insidious operation. The inevitable conclusion is: There is just too much power centered in the Delaware Judiciary, and this is not what our forefathers intended. Perhaps, back when the Delaware Chancellors were honorable and the Chancery Court was a nationally respected institution, this wasn’t a life or death issue for the state of Delaware. Regardless, in my view after doing more research than anyone else, I am certain that Chancellor Bouchard’s handling of the TransPerfect case, his appearances of impropriety, the innumerable irregularities, and his unusual and unprecedented decisions were not just a product of gross incompetence, but something far darker. While King Joffrey is the product of familial incest, King Chancellor Bouchard is the product of his incestuous relationships within the Delaware legal system — and even though he’s the most powerful man in our kingdom, he is not above the law and must be held accountable for his actions. Delaware’s financial future, and thus the financial future of it citizens depends on it!

Delaware Lawmakers, I again call upon you for change and reform.