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Sir Richard Branson Gives Keynote Address to Over 1000 TransPerfect Employees

OPINION Dear Friends, Sir Richard Branson recently gave an inspiring live, in-person keynote address to over 1,000 members of TransPerfect’s global workforce. My contacts at the company confirm his enthusiasm and warm reception. His appearance at the company has me reflecting on our sad Chancery Court, which tore down the diverse employees, not raising it…

Free Speech Already Doesn’t Exist in Delaware, Where the News Journal Won’t Cover Chancery Court’s Robbing of TransPerfect, Nor the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

OPINION Dear Friends, What’s crazier than Elon Musk buying Twitter just 10 days after he said he’d do it? The Biden administration creating a “Disinformation Governance Board”?! It’s a dark day for free speech. As I watch this drama in Washington D.C., I think of my beloved Delaware, where free speech is gagged, in our…

Delaware Supreme Court Divided. TransPerfect Claims a Victory. I Remain Unconvinced

The order confirms that at least one of the Justices of the Delaware Supreme Court has recognized the merit of TransPerfect’s argument that the former custodian Robert Pincus and his law firm Skadden Arps took advantage of the Chancery Court’s lack of oversight and overbilled the company many millions of dollars.