Dear Friends,

It appears to me from my research that the Chancery’s “Delaware Way” has turned a blind eye to seemingly flawed and conflict-ridden court procedures!

Hold on to your hats, folks: The evidence indicates that current Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick served as an attorney for TransPerfect’s arch-rival – in this case, it was HIG!

I know some of you elected officials, who read my columns, will doubt my research and want proof… Great!

Here is it:

Why has McCormick apparently hidden this key fact? “HIG: tried to intervene with McCormick’s old firm, Young and Conaway… Why no disclosure? It’s insane.

Why hasn’t she recused herself?! Of course, in my opinion, she has an ax to grind with TransPerfect, who beat out her client, “HIG” in the auction, over Young, Conaway’s objections!

This raises big questions that need to be answered. The perceived corruption, in my view, in our Chancery Court, is possibly robbing people blind. Please do your job, General Assembly, and clean this up! Once word gets out that the new Chancellor is covering up her previous position, after Bouchard, it will be too much for our corporation-based economy to take.

Please share your feedback. I’m outraged at the fact that McCormick has such an obvious conflict, the fact that she’s apparently covering it up, and the fact that I’m apparently the only one who will tell the public what I personally believe is the truth about it from my research. Check out the links above, see if you see what I see… and tell me what you think. Was she HIG’s attorney or not?

I’m mad as hell that this is shaping up to appear to be more of the same court shenanigans. In this important Delaware equity court, there should never be any perceived impropriety. There should never be any concerns or doubt in the ethical behavior of the Chancellor?

Again, please open the links above and tell me what you think. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network