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Bouchard’s, Strine’s and now McCormick’s Corruption Have Caught Up with Delaware as The Chancery Court’s Tarnished Image Goes on Display for the World.

OPINION Dear Friends, I wish I was wrong, but I told everyone that Bouchard’s, Strine’s and now McCormick’s corruption would eventually catch up with Delaware. And now, folks, it has! Read and weep about our Chancery Court’s tarnished image. It’s a sad reality that our once proud court is now so deeply stained. Please send…

Delaware Chancellor McCormick Has Audacity to Call Chancellor Bouchard “Merciful” in Decision

In taking a position that reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie Gladiator, Kathaleen McCormick dubs Chancellor Bouchard, “Bouchard the Merciful.” As I see it folks, this is yet another batshit-crazy decision from the Chancery, that ignores both the Fact and the Law. By the logic in this decision, a court-appointed Custodian could steal millions and never face a jury trial.

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Chancery Court Chancellor McCormick Was Attorney for TransPerfect’s Arch-Rival– in this Case, it was “HIG”?

OPINION Dear Friends, It appears to me from my research that the Chancery’s “Delaware Way” has turned a blind eye to seemingly flawed and conflict-ridden court procedures! Hold on to your hats, folks: The evidence indicates that current Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick served as an attorney for TransPerfect’s arch-rival – in this case, it was HIG!…

Custodian Bob Pincus Accused of Billing Fraud – Separate From TransPerfect Case

shamefully, the rich are getting richer and the poor workers at these companies are paying for it with lower salaries, healthcare benefits and bonuses. This money has to come from somewhere and you can bet it’s coming out of the pockets of employees to pay for the Rolls Royces of people like Pincus and Andre Bouchard and their Skadden and Chancery Court buddies.