Dear Friends,
Isn’t it interesting, folks, how corrupt judges don’t seem to serve their complete term?! 
I realize how much I don’t trust this court and question what they do ever since Andre Bouchard and Leo Strine took the court down with their misdeeds, greed and cronyism. Both resigned before serving even half of their initial appointments and I, for one, feel that they were pushed out due to all of their misbehavior on the equity court, 
See the story below from Delaware’s WGMD Radio about how Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick is taking a brief leave of absence from the Chancery Court role. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope all is well for the current Chancery Court Chancellor.

I hope she stops the pattern that Bouchard and Strine sadly started in our once esteemed Chancery Court in Delaware
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Respectfully Yours, JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network 

Chancellor McCormick Takes Brief Leave of Absence

August 15, 2023/Mari Lou

Delaware Chancellor Kathaleen St. J. McCormick has taken a temporary absence from the Court of Chancery for medical reasons. The Court of Chancery anticipates her return to duty at the end of September and her absence is not expected to affect Court operations.

Matters that she has taken under advisement prior to hear leave will now have a slightly extended timeline. Cases lacking urgency will remain on her docket and monitored by her colleagues. Pressing matters will be reassigned as the need arises and all parties involved are notified by the Court.