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Leo Strine, former Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, co-authored Fortune magazine piece with Jaap Winter that will “undermine capitalism” and erase decades of economic progress, in my opinion — but also according to radio talk show host, Kyle Keegan.

Keegan vividly described Strine and his co-authors as Communists. “They want Socialism,” said Keegan, who was exasperated at the “idiotic” piece and at Strine, once a power-player in Delaware.

Kill Bigger Radio with Kyle Keegan Ep. 77

Strine claimed to be a business expert to secure his original job as Chancellor, but his only business experience: Current Chancellor Andre Bouchard’s summer associate at (you guessed it) the infamous Skadden Arps.

People disagree on whether or not Strine resigned in disgrace over his “shady” handling of the TransPerfect case, but I clearly remember Leo Strine supporting extreme actions that enriched his Skadden henchmen, and destroyed the lives of ordinary workers for years. Having his former intern on the appellate court worked as an advantage for the Bouchard-Strine cronies, and in my view, there was never a chance to derail this backroom deal. Justice Valihura dissented and likened the Chancery’s decision to a “Takings” under the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution — yet Leo Strine bullied it through.

Believe me, folks, “The Delaware Way” is a real concept and works through favor-trading, back-scratching, and soft corruption that I believe Strine and his friends built. It’s so outrageous that it is permitted to continue?! 

Please check out the interview on YouTube below, and listen to Strine being taken to task by talk-show host Keegan!

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Fortune Magazine is a Commie Rag Now? – Ep 77

Kill Bigger Radio With Kyle Keegan

In this episode, I felt the need to stick up for a dead man. Milton Freidman. The man has done a TON of good advancing the principles of free-market economics. I pick apart a Fortune Magazine article written by three “intellectual” communists. Unbelievable, given the name of the publication.