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Build Back Better Bill” – It Is An Abomination That Will Destroy America

Biden has become a complete Socialist and this horrible bill will seal our fate, putting America under a system that will absolutely destroy our country. If you do not want to be completely controlled and monitored by the government, tell your Senators to vote no on this premeditated, calculated, legislation that is designed to take away your freedom.

Weaponizing the Justice Department, the FBI, and the IRS for Political Purposes

When a government administration uses its law enforcement agencies for political purposes to intimidate, to harass, and frighten people into not opposing its questionable policies, prosecuting political opponents, while not prosecuting those of the same party, folks that is authoritarian, dictatorial despotism and it is not allowed in the United States!

Treason and Conspiracy – Joe Biden? Incompetence of General Mark Milley???

OPINION Dear Friends, Folks, I write this dissertation with great concern and frankly in amazement at the apparent operation and incompetence of General Mark Milley, the United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who according to Bob Woodward in his latest book, might have committed treason? The basic job description of this military…

Let us look to Afghanistan — BIDEN INCOMPETENT !

OPINION Dear Friends, Without a doubt in my opinion, Joe Biden is the worst President in United States history. Trump is gone –every decision and order as Commander in Chief is Biden’s responsibility. Setting aside the following facts which cannot be debated: Biden lied about everything he has ever done, grades, degrees, and accomplishments. He…

If the Truth Was Known About Joe Biden?

Opinion If you were an elected United States Representative, elected to the U.S. Congress to do the people’s business, and you learned that the President of the United States was guilty of one outrageous crime after another during his entire political career, what would you do? I know what I would do in 2022, when…