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Biden the Worst Ever- Trump, DeSantis–Who will the GOP Choose for President?

OPINION Dear friends, In my educated view, the midterm elections coming in November are extremely important. If the Republicans do not take back the House and the Senate, I believe we as Americans are going to lose any chance of economic prosperity, lose our freedom of speech, lose our right to bear arms, lose our…

The World Created by Joe Biden is an Atrocity!

Biden has intentionally destroyed our oil industry, taking us from energy independence to depending on foreign oil. Biden has opened our Southern border, illegally allowing millions of undocumented, un-vetted people from all over the world to invade our society. Criminals, terrorists, drugs, and sex trafficking are out of control. Over 100,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses as a result of Biden’s policies.

Democrat Mayors and Governors HAVE INTENTIONALLY created Chaos and Fear in American Cities—Unprecedented

Imagine your wife or your daughter being punched in the face for no reason, or car-jacked, or pushed off a subway platform to a horrible death, and the criminals are released the next day because no bail was required? How would you like to own a business that involved your life savings and work to have it broken into by roving gangs that steal all your inventory and put you out of business? Folks, these dangerous felons are permitted to do these terrible things because there are seemingly no consequences.