Dear Friends,

Just a very brief dissertation on how bad things are and how bad they are going to get, IF the congress is not changed over to Republican control in the November elections. Folks, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden is the most hypocritical, nefarious, incompetent, and dishonest President in United States history.

Taking into consideration, the innumerable lies and evil deeds, propagated by Joe Biden—the slander of Curtis Dunn who collided in his truck with Biden’s first wife, killing her and her daughter, the stealing of a supporter’s wife (Jill Biden), the sexual assault allegation from Tara Reid, the influence peddling through son Hunter, and much more, should have disqualified him from ever being elected in the first place.

Unfortunately, this despicable human being, was elected and has destroyed our oil industry, opened our border to millions of illegals–creating a crisis that is beyond belief, totally mismanaged the Afghanistan situation–allowing 13 servicemen to be killed and giving the Taliban billions of dollars of military hardware, and denigrating our military to the point we have little respect from our allies–putting us at huge risk with China and Russia!

Now, to add to the grotesque situation, this monster is now going to create an economic fiasco that will increase the already difficult problems for working Americans. Folks, it all is just untenable. The ridiculous “Inflation Reduction Act” that has nothing to do with inflation will spend billions on the fallacious Green New Deal and hire 87 thousand IRS agents to investigate and harass regular citizens. When you add the $10K forgiveness for student loans, the taxes on middle class Americans will eventually escalate to the point that we can’t ever get ahead and we will be controlled and manipulated by a despotic government that will maintain power at all costs, weaponizing the FBI and the IRS to keep us in line.

Folks, what about those people who chose not to go to college or those that paid off their student loans? This is pure socialism that will destroy the American dream and will eventually morph into a veritable dictatorship; an Orwellian society, taking away any chance at achieving prosperity and removing many of your personal freedoms that our founding fathers created.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the November elections are. Indeed, If the necessary change is not accomplished, God help us all.


As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network