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Dear Friends,

As I approach being a senior citizen, being a political pundit — probably knowing more about Delaware and Joe Biden than most people — having run a high-pressure campaign against him for Ray Clatworthy (R) in Sussex County (the last time Biden ran for the Senate), done extensive opposition research on him, I am amazed just how little Donald Trump and the people running his campaign actually know!!

Regardless, Joe Biden is and always has been a nefarious liar, con man with incredible charisma, and the biggest phony on the planet, who has been able to fool the people of Delaware and the nation for years. I am positive he is guilty of influence peddling, treason, bribery, sexual assault (ask Tara Reid) and slander. Now, besides being the most evil and insidious man I know, he has become senile and grotesquely incompetent and is clearly putting our national security at risk. His wife Jill Biden is no better. She also is a huge liar and a phony as well and has supported Biden and his crime family throughout her marriage, after betraying and cheating on her first husband Bill Stevenson! Her book is filled with lies and untruths, especially how she and Joe met.

Biden, in my educated view, is guilty of negligent homicide, indirect drug peddling, indirect human trafficking, and indirect collusion with the Mexican cartels! Folks, Biden is 100% responsible for millions (15 million plus) of illegal aliens pouring into our country creating economic chaos, huge increases in crime, murder of innocent Americans, and much more!!!!! Biden has indirectly killed over 100 thousand Americans from the Fentanyl poisoning that these illegals are bringing into our country. Biden’s border policy is beyond understanding or reason??? He is pure evil folks and is the worst President in US history!!!

Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was despicable, getting 13 Americans killed and leaving millions upon millions of dollars of military equipment behind making the Taliban the best equipped terrorist group in the world.

Biden and the Democrats that support him are intent on turning this country into a Socialist hell hole with a few wealthy elites at the top living in luxury, while the average American lives in poverty and mediocrity with no hope and no future! Biden is about destroying the American dream that our founders created. Biden has weaponized the justice system to attack his political opponents-using Banana Republic tactics. There is a definite threat of Biden and the monsters that support him of turning this country into an Orwellian society that will make the old Soviet Union look like Child’s play!!

Folks, Donald Trump, despite some aspects of his personality and some mistakes in trusting certain people (because he was never a politician) has a great plan and proved it when he was President. We were energy independent and had a thriving economy. Biden has destroyed all of that creating unprecedented inflation that is killing the middle class.

This monster, this fake person–named Joe Biden (the worst President in US history), that the people of America have elected as their President, must be dethroned and those criminals that are with him removed from office or folks your country will be lost and you won’t like what comes!!

This is what I feel, this is what I know, and this I believe is the truth.

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. Folks, the evidence is right in front of you.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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