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Delaware’s Gov John Carney Continues Authoritarian Stance!

Considering the authoritarian, unconstitutional mandates coming out of the White House, Delaware’s future worries me. Carney has been an authoritarian despot, who through his severe lockdowns, sent many Delaware businesses and individuals into financial ruin and emotional despair.

Corruption in Delaware Leads to Police Brutality

As the United States continues to discuss race relations and policing in the wake of the death of George Floyd, it is important to not only analyze the problem at a national level, but as a systemic issue in the states as well. In Delaware, corruption and mismanagement have created an environment in which policing disproportionately…

Corruption Runs Deep in Delaware Land Deal

Under the leadership of John Carney, Delaware’s government has been criticized for lack of openness and transparency in its decision-making process. This has opened the door to many corruption incidents over the years. One such case is the controversial corrupt land deal that implicates the governor’s administration for selling public land to a political insider…