To Mask or Not To Mask — That is the Question?

Dear Friends,

The mask mandate issue has been all over the place. The controversial and ambivalent Dr. Fauci has been on both sides of the issue of mask importance. There’s logic and some science that masks help, according to the CDC guidelines. However, some masks have been proven to be useless, while other types are better. Although the enforcement can be ridiculously overdone, masks can be advantageous if worn properly, and the mask is not some insipid bandanna material that is nothing more than false security! I am ok with the mask mandate for now. Most businesses in those states that have lifted the mask mandate, like my newly adopted state of Florida, still require masks to be worn at all times.

I saw a quote from WDEL on Delaware Governor John Carney’s position about other states dropping the mask mandate: “I don’t think that makes a lot of sense — it’s certainly an ill-informed decision that might reverse some of the gains that have been made.” Once the majority of folks get vaccinated or get Coronavirus and survive, masks will not be necessary. I can live with it a little longer and agree with Carney on his take on masks.

Regarding lockdowns, unfortunately Governor Carney seems to be in constant lockstep with the unscientific lockdowns. Considering the authoritarian, unconstitutional mandates coming out of the White House, Delaware’s future worries me. Carney has been an authoritarian despot, who through his severe lockdowns, sent many Delaware businesses and individuals into financial ruin and emotional despair.

It’s time to open Delaware entirety Governor! Stop all the Gestapo crap. Rehoboth has had enough to deal with — more than any community should have had to deal with — especially shutting down our beaches and boardwalk this past summer and now having the major inconvenience of Joe Biden every weekend!

Please read the article below and send me your input.

Respectfully yours,

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Some states are lifting mask mandates, not Delaware

Coronavirus spread is decreasing in Delaware, but the message from state officials is still one of caution.
As the wave of COVID cases continues to ebb across the US and more of the population gets vaccinated, some states are lifting mask mandates and other economic restrictions.
Gov. John Carney calls this decision ill-informed, and says it may reverse some of the gains made in slowing the spread of the virus.
“It’s certainly not consistent with the guidance from the public health experts, the CDC, the NIH,” said Carney. “We’ve, kind of, taken the lead from them from the beginning and we’ll continue to do so.”
And state Public Health Director Dr. Karyl Rattay warns against mutations of the virus.
“We are seeing decreases or improvements in our numbers which is great, but we also are seeing some variants in our populations. We know that these variants—both the UK variant and the South African variant—are more contagious,” said Rattay.
The latest CDC guidance says it is safe for people who have been vaccinated to gather privately together without masks or social distancing. And Rattay says Delaware is adopting this guidance as well.
“That might be a group of four or six friends who might want to play cards, or, you know, have some sort of special gathering like that. If everyone is fully vaccinated, that’s fine,” she said.
Coronavirus metrics for community spread are the lowest in Delaware since the fall, and about 10% of the state’s population has been vaccinated so far.
It’s been almost a year since restrictions related to the virus were first enforced in Delaware.