Build Back Better Bill” – It Is An Abomination That Will Destroy America

Biden has become a complete Socialist and this horrible bill will seal our fate, putting America under a system that will absolutely destroy our country. If you do not want to be completely controlled and monitored by the government, tell your Senators to vote no on this premeditated, calculated, legislation that is designed to take away your freedom.

Greedy Professor Pincus” Billboard Appearing on The Very Campus Where He Teaches! Well-Deserved Public Notice of Outrageous Billing Practices

OPINION Dear Friends, How about this, folks?! Robert Pincus, who I’ve written about in recent years for his shameless and grotesque billing practices in the TransPerfect case, is being featured on a billboard where he teaches at a Washington, D.C. university. Bouchard’s corruption and Pincus’s greed are the gifts that keep on giving for Delaware….

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Chancery Court Chancellor McCormick Was Attorney for TransPerfect’s Arch-Rival– in this Case, it was “HIG”?

OPINION Dear Friends, It appears to me from my research that the Chancery’s “Delaware Way” has turned a blind eye to seemingly flawed and conflict-ridden court procedures! Hold on to your hats, folks: The evidence indicates that current Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick served as an attorney for TransPerfect’s arch-rival – in this case, it was HIG!…

Weaponizing the Justice Department, the FBI, and the IRS for Political Purposes

When a government administration uses its law enforcement agencies for political purposes to intimidate, to harass, and frighten people into not opposing its questionable policies, prosecuting political opponents, while not prosecuting those of the same party, folks that is authoritarian, dictatorial despotism and it is not allowed in the United States!

The Absurdity of the Green New Deal

OPINION Dear Friends, Interestingly, even though I am a dedicated Republican, an avid conservative and political pundit, I am an environmentalist who actually ran for County Council in Sussex County Delaware on a Managed Growth Platform, losing by 3 votes with 20,000 people voting, to an 8-year incumbent, who by the way, these days I…