Thank You For The Feedback Folks! Andre Bouchard is Really Gone From Chancery Court!

Dear Friends, It is my opinion that Delaware’s former Chancellor, Andre Bouchard, as its equity Court Judge did Delaware no good and clearly was biased and subjective in some of his cases, especially the TransPerfect case. I first noticed Bouchard, when he seemed to have great difficulty in appointing a viable and efficient Deputy Register…

Bloomberg Law Story Shows How Former Chancellor Bouchard Really Got Rich?

OPINION    Dear Friends,    Look at this Bloomberg Law story below, folks. Once you understand the reality, if it doesn’t piss you off, I don’t know what will. This is the way it appears to me: Apparently former Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard got filthy rich on the backs of workers and shareholders? It’s…

Misrepresentations, Grotesque Lies About Georgia’s New Voting Law

The new Georgia voting laws and Florida’s existing laws give innumerable opportunities for everyone to be able to vote with designated early voting. In Georgia, you do not have to give a reason for voting absentee (you do in Delaware);you simply have to prove who you are with a valid picture ID.

Skadden Arps Law Firm Once Again in the News Over Billing Concerns?!?

OPINION Dear friends, Folks, yet another Skadden Arps fees article came to my attention. Overbilling was an issue in the TransPerfect case where Skadden actually billed for preparing bills?! Chancellor Andre Bouchard’s former employer Skadden was the beneficiary in the TransPerfect case in Delaware as a federal judge ruled that there were “$44 Million in…

Delaware Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard Going-Away Party, Friday, April 30 at 5pm EST!

Join the virtual party with me and celebrate a new beginning as the jaded is going out, and the refreshing is coming in with hope and equity for a better Chancery Court!
Join me and Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware, Reverend Al Sharpton, Pastor Blaine Hackett, and other special guests on Friday, April 30th for a virtual party to celebrate the early retirement of Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard.