A key partner from the corruption-lade urban development project scandal has been detained. It involves a former aide to the presidential nominee of the ruling Democratic Party. He was detained upon his arrival from the USA on Monday for questioning over the bribery and various other allegations.

Nam Wook has allegedly held the key to resolve the suspicion on how asset management for Hwacheon Daeyu and its 7 affiliates has reaped profit from 2015. The project was about to develop the Daejang-dong district in Seongnam, the south of Seoul, into an apartment complex.

This scandal project includes Nam, who owns one of the seven affiliates of Hwacheon Daeyu. He is having accusations for colluding with Yoo Dong-Gyu, the acting president of Seongnam Development Corp. It would make the asset firm take part in a much lucrative project.

Upon his arrival at Incheon International Airport from Los Angeles, investigators detained him and took him to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office for questioning. They will focus on the bribery allegations.

Nam has joined the city-run project as a private partner. He has made about 100.7 billion won through his company. There is an involvement of 87.21 million in the form of paid-in capital. He had been in the US since the middle of September before the beginning of the investigation.

Nam has denied any kind of wrongdoing. He has claimed that he had been sidelined from the project at a very early stage. He has shifted the blame to other key figures, Yoo and Kim Man-bae.

Investigators have arrested Yoo on charges of bribery and breaching of trust. They had also sent an arrest warrant to Kim last week. Nam claimed to hear his partners raising 35 billion won to pay seven people.

The scandal is the hottest issue in the country. Prosecutors are planning to seek an arrest warrant for Nam. On Friday, they seized documents and other material from the city project team of the municipality. Investigators are planning to seize the materials and to question the city hall employees who had involvement in the project.