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Trump’s January 6th Involvement, the House Inquiry Committee , What Now?

Folks don’t let this biased hearing, which is out to get Trump, change anything. Trump screwed up in his reluctance to admit he lost the election. It has nothing to do with how bad things are now because of Biden and the Democrats.
Governor DeSantis should and could be our next President in 2024.

Untraceable Email Service Being Used by Bouchard as Delaware Gets Dragged Deeper Into Secrecy and Obstruction

SPANISH NEWSPAPER EXPOSE Protonmail – A Swiss Untraceable Email Featured is “Mr. Robot” is the Perfect Communication Systems for Drug Dealers, Russian Hackers, Terrorists.  And can you guess who else is a customer…  Chancellor Andre Bouchard A Spanish Newspaper has confirmed that Andre Bouchard Conducted State Business on the Infamous Swiss Email System, Protonmail OPINION …