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High Hopes For Chancellor McCormick Are Diminishing She Continues to Allow Skadden to Steal

McCormick granted the motion without giving TransPerfect a chance to reply, which in my understanding, is a due process violation. She relied on the one-sided argument of Pincus and Skadden who, in my opinion, continued to game the system to the tune of millions of dollars in bogus fees and made a ruling before she heard any argument from TransPerfect.

New Hope or More of the Same Delaware Corruption?

OPINION   Dear Friends,     As I look to the future of the Delaware Court of Chancery I am hopeful, but suspicious that it’s a revolving door of non-objective equity, with bias and appearances of impropriety as seen under outgoing Chancellor Andre Bouchard’s suspect leadership and operation. Is the “Delaware Way” too entrenched into…

Delaware: An American Tax Haven

In 2016, an anonymous source working at Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm, leaked a huge database of records exposing companies using the country as a tax shelter. Many powerful international figures were implicated, including the prime ministers of Georgia, Iceland, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Sudan. But there was a notable lack of Americans on the list. That’s because Americans…