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Fear For America, Fear for the Future

Biden’s order to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, eliminating thousands of jobs is so crazy it is mind boggling! The frightening agenda of instilling the Green New Deal on America is beyond reason as it will not work and will thrust us into the worst depression we have ever experienced

Skadden Accused of Concealing “Its Conflicting Relationships” in Law360 Story By Jeff Montgomery

Skadden’s retention should be denied and that it should be required to return fees already paid based on its failure to fully disclose its prepetition relationships in declarations filed with the court. Also targeted are alleged efforts to avoid a subpoena from the Acthar plaintiffs’ group seeking details on what was described as Skadden’s “dual representation” of Mallinckrodt and Express Scripts.

Corruption Amongst Top Government Officials in Harrington City, Delaware

While many Delawareans remain concerned about widespread corruption at the state level, local governments are also rife with government employees eager to exploit their offices for personal gain. Harrington City, a small town of 3,500 around 20 minutes south of Dover, recently lost two of its top executives, after explosive revelations by former City Planner…

Duncan Hunter’s Misuse of Campaign Funds

Former California Representative Duncan Hunter was sentenced to 11 months in prison for misuse of campaign funds after a long investigation into him and his wife’s spending activity. President Trump has since pardoned him.  Who Is Duncan Hunter Hunter is an American politician who served as a U.S Representative for California’s 50th congressional district from…

Skadden Arps – Suspected in Billing Irregularities – News Reaches Spain in TransPerfect Case

OPINION Dear Friends, The notorious Skadden Arps law firm, formerly involved in suspicious and illegal lobbying irregularities and fined by the U.S. Government, is now overshadowed by the accusations of unethical billing practices in little Delaware during and after the controversial TransPerfect case, and the news has reached a Spanish Newspaper! The article mistakenly refers to our Chancery…