Anti-corruption lawyer Juan Francisco Sandoval, whose tackling from the Guatemalan Special Prosecutor’s Office Against Impunity (FECI) in July incited global outrage, said: Operating against impunity in Guatemala is an absolute battle. Individuals are working against crime. He fears for the protection of his companions who stay in Guatemala.

For her role, former lawyer general Thelma Aldana, whose 2019 presidential nominee was prohibited in connection to her anti-corruption job, added. The Guatemalan organizations of crime are waging a march of criminalization and disinformation against anyone who doubts them, appropriating the constitution to be apt to work with impunity. It is more important for those of us outside Guatemala to recite.

The team of activists, who also involve old Constitutional Court Judge Gloria Porras and Public Prosecutor Claudia Paz y Paz Bailey, are visiting Europe to follow the instance of the Biden Administration and impose authorizations on Guatemalan people associated with serious corruption and crime, support judicial systems, anti-corruption efforts, and give safety for making threats against justice activists.

The conferences are aided in Costa Rica by the Dutch Embassy and regulated by human rights institutions Impunity Watch.

Impunity Watch founder Marlies Stappers stated that new developments in Central America, mainly in Guatemala, are deeply problematic. The disassembly of the regulation of the constitution, the criminalization of the increased violence, and the legal system associated with organized crime are compelling to undo everything we attained with global assistance to consolidate the justice system. After progressing towards the self-governing rule of law, nations like Guatemala are becoming rogue provinces, where the offense is the norm.

Having aided the Guatemalan justice operation for years, European administrators should now implement a serious collective strategy to prevent Guatemala and the province from becoming a hotbed of multinational drug trafficking and organized offense. Without this backing, global drug alliances will have even more independence to work with impunity. A just and democratic Central America is not just important for peace in the nation, but for the globe and Europe.