Do you like that we have gone from being energy-independent to being totally dependent on foreign oil produced by our enemies? Do you like that our oil reserves have been practically depleted? Do you like $4 a gallon for gasoline? Do you like the incredible inflation that is climbing daily with groceries, medications, and many necessary items needed by ordinary Americans to be unaffordable?

Do you like that crime is so bad in most American cities that folks are no longer safe and many once viable businesses are being forced to close? Do you like that our military is being compromised and the ability to maintain our national security is questionable?  Do you like that millions upon millions of illegal aliens, including drug dealers and malicious terrorists, are coming into our country at the Southern Border with little or no control? Do you like that over 100,000 American citizens have died from drug overdoses coming from Mexico?

Folks, these outrages are indeed unprecedented and just the “tip of the iceberg” of how bad things really are. There is only one person responsible and that is President Joe Biden who is operating at the whim of extreme left-wing socialists who want to turn the United States into an Orwellian society with a weaponized FBI and IRS that prosecute the Democrat’s political enemies.

Take a look at NY City as a basic example of how bad things are throughout the US.  New York, once the greatest City in the world where thousands of illegals are everywhere, sleeping in the streets, completely taking over many hotels, is no longer the “Big Apple.” It has become the “Rotten Apple”. The smell of marijuana is everywhere! The illegals are given food, clothing, cell phones, and much more, while Americans are struggling. They leave trash everywhere, intimidate the citizens, and commit violent crimes. Of course, some of the elites who live in the “silk-stocking” areas are in denial, but soon even they will be overwhelmed as well. This is completely the responsibility of the Democrats that are in charge.  Every American City is being denigrated and depleted by horrendous crime because of the poor leadership by this Democrat absurdity.

How do you like Biden’s attempt to destroy female sports by allowing transgender men to participate in these activities? A 6-foot 4-inch male pretending to be a woman recently won the national female swimming championship! How do you like your children being influenced to change their sex by “woke” teachers in our schools without parental consent? Biden has made this transgender crap a major part of his program to the detriment of our children.

Joe Biden is a nefarious criminal who has committed serious crimes, including bribery, influence peddling, and treason. That’s how I see it! I had to laugh when Senator Chris Coons from Delaware (an insipid Biden sycophant), recently stated there was no evidence incriminating Biden of these accusations! My God the evidence is overwhelming and the situation is so horrendous that it boggles the mind. Folks, many of you are completely ignorant of how bad things really are!

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent, you had better wake up and realize you are slowly losing your freedoms, and these crazy, totalitarian monsters led by Joe Biden are hell-bent on completely changing our country into something we won’t recognize- a place with limited possibilities for prosperity and happiness! Joe Biden is an economic disaster who is destroying our country.

Folks, the dangers are real and in the 2024 election we must remove these grotesque incompetents and criminals from our government.

Stay tuned for an article on Delaware US Attorney David Weiss who it appears has protected and compromised the Hunter Biden criminal activity from proper prosecution. That situation is fluid and without a doubt incriminates his father Joe Biden. That deal should be interesting.

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated whether you agree or disagree with my concerns.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network