Who is Robert Pincus?

A man with a long-yet-lacking career in law, Robert Pincus is at the center of the latest scandal in a string of Delaware corruption. For citizens and valuable voters, our team has compiled important information you need to know, including the connections between Pincus and the powerful political figures of our dear Delaware.

1. School and Education

After graduating from Harriton High School in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Robert Pincus began a long journey of education. Pincus received his B.B.A. from the College of William and Mary in 1977 and went on to pursue a Juris Doctor Degree at the American University Washington College of Law. He finished his education by earning a L.L.M in Securities and Financial Regulation at Georgetown University Law Center in 1983.

2. Law Career

While attending Georgetown University, Pincus started his professional career with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reviewing corporate disclosure documents. In 1983, he landed a position as corporate associate at Skadden, Arps, Slate Meagher & Flom. After retiring, Pincus moved on to work as a freelance mediator for corporations, and accepted a position as an adjunct professor at the American University Washington College of Law.

3. Role at Skadden Arps

During his time practicing corporate law for Skadden Arps in Wilmington, Delaware, Pincus focused on corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, dispositions and spin-offs, and corporate governance matters.

4. Retirement from Skadden Arps

Pincus retired as a partner of Skadden in 2018 with a total of 35 years of service. It’s unclear exactly why Pincus retired, whether it was his personal choice or possibly due to internal pressure from Skadden.

5. Frivolous Spending Habits

Amidst the glaring current issues, Pincus recently purchased a nearly $3 million condo, a clear reflection of his attitude during his time at Skadden Arps. The frivolous spending will come up again later during his time at TransPerfect, where many employees were intimidated and pressured into inappropriate financial decisions.

6. Custodian in TransPerfect case

After a dispute between the two owners of TransPerfect, Robert Pincus was given the role of “Custodian”. In other words, he was given custody/control over their company, and has since billed them over $14 million dollars in unspecified, non-regulated fees. Breaking their trust, Pincus chose to force the sale of the business, against both of the owner’s wishes.

7. Friendship with Andre Bouchard

Robert Pincus’ relationship with Chancellor Andre Bouchard can’t be ignored while investigating this unfortunate neglect of transparency. The Chancellor appointed his former business associate and has yet to apologize for the faulty casework or admit to his personal involvement.

8. Current Role as Adjunct Associate Professor 

Robert Pincus began teaching at the Washington College of Law in August 2019. His current course load includes LAW-795DE, a course designed for students to learn the practical skills necessary to be a corporate transactional lawyer.

9. Skadden Approved Billing in TransPerfect case

According to the most recent calculations, made incredibly difficult for TransPerfect due to redaction and inability to access the necessary information, Pincus charged TransPerfect $1,425 an hour without bills or receipts, adding up to more than $14 million. 

10. TransPerfect Global Inc v. Pincus

An ongoing lawsuit between the global company and its former Custodian was taken outside of Delaware, due to the corruption allegations, in order to address the grievous and unlawful decisions (including violation of multiple court orders) that are being protected by some of the most wealthy people and law firms today.

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