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The World Created by Joe Biden is an Atrocity!

Biden has intentionally destroyed our oil industry, taking us from energy independence to depending on foreign oil. Biden has opened our Southern border, illegally allowing millions of undocumented, un-vetted people from all over the world to invade our society. Criminals, terrorists, drugs, and sex trafficking are out of control. Over 100,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses as a result of Biden’s policies.

Custodian Bob Pincus Accused of Billing Fraud – Separate From TransPerfect Case

shamefully, the rich are getting richer and the poor workers at these companies are paying for it with lower salaries, healthcare benefits and bonuses. This money has to come from somewhere and you can bet it’s coming out of the pockets of employees to pay for the Rolls Royces of people like Pincus and Andre Bouchard and their Skadden and Chancery Court buddies.