Dear friends,

I’ve been holed up like an Eskimo in an igloo, isolating at home, watching way too much Fox News and doing my best not to eat my entire month’s worth of food in a week. I’ve had a lot of time to think about politics (vote Trump) and Delaware (down with Andre Bouchard), two of my favorite things to write about to you dear folks.

I’ve given it some deep thought, and it’s absolutely clear to me now. I feel like Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard and his former firm Skadden Arps are like viruses to businesses in Delaware. It seems to me that they use up companies in dispute and spit ’em out once they’ve sucked the money out of them. There seems to be a plague on companies that decide to domicile in Delaware when they have to deal with the Court of Chancery!

Our state’s most harmful business curse, as I see it, folks, is Andre Bouchard, who took over as Chancery Court Chancellor and his buddies at Skadden Arps appear to have the run of the place. It’s no longer business-friendly, in my opinion, and the court has become like a virus, feeding on businesses, the business owners, and their workers!

I do not think Delaware’s courts, the Chancery Court, or the economy will lead the nation again, until Chancellor Bouchard and his buddies at Skadden take their tentacles out of the Delaware Court system. It’s clear to me that this incestuous, Bouchard/Skadden virus that I believe infected TransPerfect, has got to be eliminated. There seems to be a continuous appearance of impropriety.

Folks, if indeed the disease is Bouchard’s apparent method of operation, then we the people are the cure. It is time for a change so that the Delaware courts and our once glorious state of Delaware can thrive again! Tell your legislators it is time to rid our state of this inequitable situation once and for all! This will be an issue in the November elections – I promise you!

Thank you to those who wrote to tell me you’re well and I’m glad so many of you remain safe and healthy. Keep your chins up and we’ll get through this folks.

Yours Sincerely,

Judson Bennett-Coastal Network