Look at this, folks! Just as I had predicted when it looked as if Andre Bouchard’s Chancery Court was going to allow HIG to steal TransPerfect under the rule of his court… HIG is now doing mass layoffs in their Lionbridge subsidiary. This would have been the fate of the TransPerfect workers if Bouchard had his way!

See the story below. Sad for these workers that are being laid off, and their jobs moved to Mexico and Poland. We only know about this because the HIG/Lionbridge layoffs are alleged to be unlawful, and the union is suing the National Labor Relations Board court, as you’ll read in the story below. 

In my view, this is near-definitive proof that the workers were right to fear Bouchard would destroy U.S. jobs (to enrich his cronies). Let me know your feedback on this. It is always welcome and appreciated.

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Judson Bennett–Coastal Network


CWA accuses Activision QA supplier Lionbridge of retaliatory layoffs

The company allegedly ousted 160 workers after they organized in search of better working conditions.

The original version of this story referenced a quote that CWA sent out in error referencing an individual’s experience. We’ve updated the story to reflect the corrected CWA press release.

U.S. labor union the Communications Workers of America (CWA) has filed Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against Lionbridge Technologies for allegedly laying off 160 people after they attempted to organize.

Lionbridge is a Microsoft supplier that has provided QA services to Activision. The CWA previously helped workers at both Activision Blizzard and Microsoft unionize.

Now, the union has filed ULP charges with the National Labor Relations board and claims Lionbridge laid off its entire team in Boise, Idaho, after they engaged in “protected organizing activities and protected speech” when attempting to raise concerns about their working conditions.

It’s claimed that Lionbridge offered impacted workers a severance package that required them to agree to “overly broad” confidentiality terms and waive rights protected under the National Labor Relations Act. The NLRB website confirms that practice is unlawful.

“Workers were told that the reason for their termination was that the project had ended. However, other teams working on the same project in Mexico and Poland continue to work,” added the CWA in a press release.

Previous layoffs point to alleged union-busting

Lionbridge previously laid off union members in Bellevue, Washington, in 2016 (thanks GeekWire) shortly after they finalized a collectively-bargained contract. The CWA described those layoffs as obvious “union-busting.”

Game Developer has reached out to Lionbridge and Microsoft for comment.