Dear Friends,

I’ve been experimenting with Chat GPT, curious to know what it knows about Andre Bouchard and how much corruption, cronyism and injustice he brought upon our once-proud, previously held in high-esteem Chancery Court.

I asked Chat GPT to write a poem about Bouchard’s corruption in the TransPerfect case.

Here’s what I got back:

In the world of legal strife, a case unfurls,
Where TransPerfect’s fate becomes ensnared in whirls,
Allegations swirl, whispers of deceit,
Corruption’s shadow making victory bittersweet.

Chancellor’s bench, a place of honor, trust,
Yet murmurs of impropriety, making hearts combust,
Was justice skewed, by friendships’ binding tie?
Or legal paths obscured, beneath a murky sky?

TransPerfect, a company in the eye of the storm,
Caught in the tempest, where truth takes on new form,
In the hallowed halls of justice’s decree,
Did corruption mar the pursuit of fairness, set it free?

As courts deliberated, the saga did unfold,
With stakeholders entwined, their tales foretold,
In the realm of law, where ethics mark the way,
Did corruption cast its shadow, leading justice astray?

A chorus of voices, clamoring for the light,
Seeking truth and clarity, dispelling the night,
In the TransPerfect case, a tale of intrigue and doubt,
Where the specter of corruption weaves its twisted route.

Yet still, the search for justice perseveres,
Amidst the doubts, the hopes and fears,
Within the story of TransPerfect’s legal fight,
The pursuit of truth and fairness shines with all its might.

Elegant and sadly poignant. What really stood out to me was the “murmurs of impropriety” and “the search for justice perseveres.” How the heck does Chat GPT know this much and yet actual humans have done so little to solve the injustice to this day, started by Bouchard, in our Chancery Court?

Please send your feedback on this, folks. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network