Transperfect Delaware

TransPerfect Delaware, The World’s Largest Translation Services Company

What is TransPerfect?

Why is Transperfect Delaware such an intriguing story? TransPerfect, the world’s largest translation services company, started over 25 years ago with a simple mission: help the world’s businesses navigate the global marketplace in a seamless way. The translation services company prides itself on decades of hands-on experience with a consultative approach, which have worked together to make the company an industry leader. The company, co-founded by Phil Shawe and Liz Elting, took a turn when the two, who had worked seamlessly in building the empire over the years, entered a legal battle for custody of the now $700+ million global company. The legal battle began in the state of Delaware, which up until now, under the jurisdiction of Chancellor Andre Bouchard, Delaware has been a pro-business state. Now, under unprecedented decisions, TransPerfect has been forced through the Delaware Court system to propose a bid to purchase the company that factors in total company and buyer value and the least amount of disruption to the company among other things.  Not once in the Delaware court system has a company been forced toward dissolution. Now, after Phil Shawe bought out ex-partner Liz Elting, the company has only continued its extensive global growth, planting roots in Portugal and moving into a new Israeli-owned Manhattan office. The company is currently bringing in $700+ Million annually and has experienced consecutive growth for the past 104 quarters. 

What is the Transperfect Delaware Involvement?

Delaware, which has up until now, been a pro-business state forced the sale of TransPerfect under the ruling of Chancellor Andre Bouchard. The company, which was co-founded by Phil Shawe and Liz Elting, sought judicial hearings in Delaware due to its positive reputation for settling business disputes. Unfortunately, the state’s reputation has taken a turn under new leadership from Chancellor Andre Bouchard, causing it to drop to no. 11 in pro-business state litigation. 

Important Transperfect Delaware Rulings