Dear Friends,

Thank you for responding to my poll asking if you thought the Andre Bouchard, Leo Strine, Kathaleen McCormick “Bad Fellas” Ad was effective or ineffective? I appreciate your thoughtful feedback. 

“Leo Strine was in kahoots with Bouchard. They deserved to go down together.”
-Brian R. in Lewes 

“They are left-leaning. However I did hear the TransPerfect group was trying to buy the paper. Interesting stuff, but not sure how effective? Keep up the great work. Stay safe!”

“Jud, I think it is very effective! The “Bad Fellas” ad below, the newspaper ads in the past, your email updates and the billboard truck keep us Delawareans constantly aware of this horrible situation. It is good to see there are still people with backbones that are willing to call out the allegations against the Chancery Court. Years ago, when it was run by Chancellor William Chandler, the court was held in high regard. Because of that and the favorable corporate tax system, Delaware basically had a monopoly on companies incorporating here rather than other states.

Now, Chancery Court has become a liability. Startup companies are looking elsewhere and big companies are moving to other states. Why are there no investigations? The justices are not denying the allegations. Are they ignoring Citizens for Judicial Fairness because they have the green light to get away with whatever they want? Every position should be vacated and a whole new round of appointments is necessary. Something has to be done. We are watching the slaughter of Delaware’s golden goose!”
-Eric B.

“The ad is a little dark and hard to read, Judson. It looks like a mob poster. I don’t get it.” 
-Beverly F. 

“Effective because it shows what is wrong with the corrupt system in Delaware. And it shows exactly who is responsible for it. I like it.” 
-Thomas S. 

“I see the ad for what it is, Judson, a clear effective message. It just looks muddled.” 
-Rob F. 

“For any ads to be effective, they have to run over and over again and over a long period of time. That’s how the ad business works, Jud.” 
-Emily S. 

Keep the feedback coming, folks! It’s always appreciated. 

Respectfully Yours, 

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network