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It’s Almost March! It’s Chancery Court’s New Orleans Boondoggle Time

This Tulane boondoggle is a virtual symbol of Chancery Court corruption, and it’s high time we shut the Good Ole Boys Club down in it, or at least stop Delawareans paying for it! I have heard more stories from more credible sources than I can remember about debaucherous behavior from these Delaware Law Supervillains in the Big Easy. It’s time to reign in this event!

Delaware Changing, What is Next?

OPINION Dear Friends, Isn’t it interesting that both former Chief Justice Leo Strine and Chancellor Andre Bouchard will both have departed their honorable appointments well before their terms were up. Both of these jurists are grotesquely overrated, in my opinion, and their logical decisions indicated, especially in the notorious TransPerfect case, extreme bias, subjectivity and conflicts…