Leo Strine #MeToo’d at Bourbon Street Bar?

Former Chancellor Bouchard’s Rumored “relationship” with Tulane Law Professor?

Kevin Shannon Co-Paneling with Judges to Steer Case Outcomes?

… It’s One Dark Rumor After Another but rooted in circumstantial happenstance.

… It all stems from Taxpayer Dollars being wasted In The Chancery’s Annual New Orleans, incestuous, back-scratching, road trip!

Will Delawareans Continue to Allow Taxpayer Dollars to Finance Chancery March Madness in New Orleans?

Dear Friends,

Rumors are just rumors, but when there is enough smoke, one must consider the possibility of fire…

This Tulane boondoggle is a virtual symbol of Chancery Court corruption, and it’s high time we shut the Good Ole Boys Club down in it, or at least stop Delawareans paying for it! I have heard more stories from more credible sources than I can remember about debaucherous behavior from these Delaware Law Supervillains in the Big Easy. It’s time to reign in this event!

As I have said, Delaware’s Chancery Court and its parasitic cronies are the Purdue Pharma of the legal world, and this boondoggle party throwing is precisely analogous to the predatory tactics of the Purdue Pharma sales reps.

Yes, Bouchard and Strine both resigned in disgrace—but before they were brought to justice for their corruption in the TransPerfect case. So, you might say, why do I care? Because history tends to repeat itself.

Don’t defund the police. Send these racist corrupt cronies of Chancery a message, and… Defund the Chancery Court New Orleans Boondoggle!!!

Call your elected representatives and defund Chancery’s Bourbon Street Debauchery.

A link to the event:
Please send your feedback on this, folks. It’s always appreciated and welcome.

Respectfully Yours,
Judson Bennett – Coastal Network

P.S. For background on Bouchard-Era Corruption, and why it is so important to end it,
please see my own article from 5 years ago calling out government corruption: