My onsite coverage of the “Citizens for Pro Business
Delaware” 100+ person press conference has paid off for Coastal Network
readers. From an anonymous source, I have obtained a video of the entire July
10 event held right in front of Bouchard’s Chancery Court in Wilmington,

It was an energetic and well-attended press conference,
presided over by anti-corruption activist Chris Coffey, the campaign manager of
“Citizens for Pro Business Delaware.” Others spoke too, including Donna
White, an African-American woman who was terminated from her job at the
Chancery Court for sending an email asking if Mark Zuckerburg would look at her
App!!?? Meanwhile Kevin Shannon and Chancellor Andre Bouchard golf together
during the case, travel to New Orleans together during the case, and I believe
decided this case at the Country Club. It certainly wasn’t decided in the court
room with no witnesses appearing for Shannon’s side, folks. That’s how I
clearly see it.

As Coffey puts it, Bouchard and his cronies in the Delaware
Old Boys Club “get away with murder” each and every day compared to
what Donna White did, yet she was escorted out of the building and treated like
a criminal–given only 10 minutes to collect her belongings and to say goodbye
to co-workers of 7 years!?!

The double standard, hypocrisy, and potential racism here
only rivals the ageism, sexism and contempt that Chancellor Bouchard and 4 out
of 5 justices on the Supreme Court (all the male judges) showed litigant
Shirley Shawe in the TransPerfect debacle. How could it be that female, senior
citizen, Shirley Shawe’s only victory in the first 5 years of this entire case
was from a woman jurist, Delaware Supreme Court Justice Valihura? It’s
mathematically impossible that this is a coincidence, as the Good Ole Boy
cronies would have us believe. They are making millions off innocent
shareholders with their back-room Country Club deal, scratching each other’s
backs, and trading favors with their rich and powerful friends. And what
happens to Chancery’s real life victims like Donna White? She has been denied
health insurance and unemployment benefits! I’m telling you folks, I believe
Andre Bouchard is not only corrupt, but also sadistic–and, in any case, lacks
any shred of the ethical fiber required to fill the Chancellor position. The
great state of Delaware deserves better. Listen to the press conference, where
Donna takes the podium and tells her story here…

I asked a question of Coffey during the press conference,
which I wrote about in my last column. You will see that here, as well as other
suggested anti-corruption reforms that appear like common sense to this
journalist. The Delaware Citizens group now fighting for reform has 2,700
members which includes TransPerfect employees who were negatively impacted by
Bouchard’s decisions along with other concerned Delawareans.

By the way, I commend the Delaware Business Times for
covering the major events of July 10th, and I wonder which Ole Boys Club member
or creepy Skadden Arps friend of Bouchard called the News Journal to get them
to kill the story? Brent Celek from the Philadelphia Eagles and Colin Jost from
Saturday Night Live came to Wilmington and joined those calling for Chancery
reform at the Hotel DuPont. How is it you can Google the News Journal’s entire
site, and read nothing about this important day at the Chancery Court? Mark my
words, Bouchard and the “Limousine Liberals” who run this state and
prey on its citizens are powerful, so powerful, they are dangerous to Delaware,
to anyone who incorporates here. But fear not, the Coastal Network cannot be
intimidated into killing stories or masking the truth–stay tuned here folks,
for coverage on Chancery actions and other injustices in Delaware.

As of press time, I know of no other media outlet who has obtained this tape. Enjoy watching the coverage and share it with folks who may want to see it.