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Andre Bouchard, Head of Delaware’s Chancery Court to Retire — DELAWARE STATE NEWS STORY

it was just a matter of time before some viable complaints put Bouchard in deep trouble. Frankly, any praises or compliments about Andre Bouchard stated by the Governor or other Judges ring hollow to my ears as I have observed this man in action and followed his rulings in detail. The arrogance and obvious conflicts of interest that encompass Bouchard have in my opinion reduced the standards of Delaware’s equity court and hurt Delaware’s credibility nationally

Bouchard’s Actions Questioned — Ad Published in News Journal?

OPINION Dear Friends, Look at the ad that ran in the Sunday edition of the Delaware News Journal. After reading it, I’ll say this, folks: Payola isn’t only just money. Delaware Supreme Court Justice Seitz ADMITTED he had a CONFLICT of interest and sat on the panel that ruled on TransPerfect’s case to affirm, what I…

A Staunch Anti-Corruption Lobbying Effort by TransPerfect Employees Stymied Chancellor Andre Bouchard’s Bid for a Delaware Supreme Court Appointment, Will Bouchard’s Vendetta Continue in 2021?

OPINION Dear friends, Delaware’s Chancellor Andre Bouchard was a shoo-in to ascend to the Delaware Supreme Court to replace his cabal-co-captain and former Skadden Arps intern, Leo Strine. In my view, Strine is a classic Limousine Liberal who left his Chief Justice job halfway through, mired in controversy, both from his illicit TransPerfect decisions, and…