Dear Friends,


Thank you for your support and feedback on my investigative journalism with the TransPerfect case. We shed light where it needed to be brightest and in doing so we wanted to be sure other successful companies don’t get dragged through the potential government takeover that TransPerfect experienced over the past three years. With your support I was able to help protect Delaware’s business reputation, which drives our state economy here in Delaware. 


Rather than recap the case, which I did in a recent column, let’s get right to the feedback from you good folks, the real stars of this column and all 6,000 of you, who are the true force behind my voice and whatever impact we made in Delaware and the TransPerfect case.


Here are the top remarks I received. There were so many, I decided to narrow it to a baker’s dozen!




1) From Sarah B: 


Why do I feel like the dam is only beginning to crack in Delaware? Keep letting us know what is going on!


2) From Rick:  


There are layers and layers to this case. This is truly bad for our state. How could this happen and how can we stop it from happening again? 


3) From Grant: 


Great Job — Delawareans are really in tune with the problems in our Judiciary because of you. You have been an inspiration over the years. 


4) From Phil D: 


Thank you for the work you have done. The TransPerfect case which you brought to us has been fascinating. Once we became hooked, we couldn’t hear enough about it. Really happy that CEO Shawe won the bid.


5) From Corinnia:


“Great news, Judson!” 


6) From Claire:


“Amazing, Amazing, Amazing — AMEN”


7) From Gene:


“A lot like Mueller’s collusion case”


8) From Sebastian: 


“Thank goodness Delaware was not responsible for one of the worst cases I’ve seen in my many years following the Chancery Court.” 


9) From John:


“Outstanding effort on your part Jud!”


10) From Gail:


“Yay, Jud ! Congratulations to you for all your hard work on this!”


11) From Elizabeth: 


“I couldn’t hear enough about this case. I was so worried for those employees. I really thought those jobs were going to be lost!” 


12) From Bryant:


“Thank you for keeping us up to date on this Court Case.”


13) From Sam:


“Jud, the people of Delaware now know that there is corruption in the judicial system. I am so happy Shawe prevailed. Good job on your reporting.”



These are the top comments from you good folks. Keep them coming, I truly appreciate it. Let’s keep Delaware honest for all of the nation to see! We have to keep those in power in Delaware in check to restore Delaware’s credibility.


Thank you for your continued input.


JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network