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Group protests in front of billboards are calling for the Delaware state Rep resign

There are continuing group protests for the Delaware State representative, Gerald Brady, to resign. The Democrat had used anti- Asian slur in an email that he had sent from his official address. Brady is facing accusations for using racism in terms of sexism to discuss human trafficking. The group of Delaware Asian American Voice put…

Custodian Bob Pincus Accused of Billing Fraud – Separate From TransPerfect Case

shamefully, the rich are getting richer and the poor workers at these companies are paying for it with lower salaries, healthcare benefits and bonuses. This money has to come from somewhere and you can bet it’s coming out of the pockets of employees to pay for the Rolls Royces of people like Pincus and Andre Bouchard and their Skadden and Chancery Court buddies.

Delaware: An American Tax Haven

In 2016, an anonymous source working at Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm, leaked a huge database of records exposing companies using the country as a tax shelter. Many powerful international figures were implicated, including the prime ministers of Georgia, Iceland, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Sudan. But there was a notable lack of Americans on the list. That’s because Americans…