Dear friends,

Let’s face it, the Chancellor is a shadow of his former “all fire and brimstone to make his buddy rich” self.

I am hearing rumors that Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard is too sick to do his job, what if they are true? As I see it, folks, he shouldn’t be waiting for this lame duck Chancellor to make one last round of corrupt ruling against TransPerfect, further damaging the lives of 5,000 employees. What other litigants could be at risk?

For our state’s integrity, we must raise up and stop his pre-retirement party plundering in favor of Skadden Arps. Or whatever is left of our business image will be flushed down the toilet by Bouchard and his cronies.

Bouchard has not officially disclosed that he’s sick. But I have two sources close to the matter who have stated he would not be well enough to come into live hearings, even if the pandemic were not at issue. Currently, the hearings are being done by video, as I understand it, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Would love to hear your feedback on this one, folks. Does Bouchard have a duty to disclose his health? Or lack thereof? As always your comments are welcome.

Respectfully Yours,

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